Hisa Frank-OHHHH!

Three of my friends and I were in a bar one night when they asked if I wanted to go to Slovenia for an upcoming trip. I’d been wanting to go to this neighboring country for a while. Before they could even get out the rest of the sentence I just said, “YES! YES! I’M IN!”

They stopped and said.. well, there’s a catch. Turns out the reason they wanted to go was to go to a restaurant they saw on the series on netflix, Chef’s Table- Hiša Franko.

Now, most who know me I’m not exactly what you would call an adventurous eater.. not in the slightest. So my friends warned me and told me to check out the episode and the menu.

The next morning I woke up and looked at the menu. You choose from either a five course meal or a nine course meal. The entire table must order the same course.

I looked at the menu and saw the words ‘goat kid’, ‘sweetbreads’ and ‘rabbit liver.’ I was immediately terrified.

I then watched the Chefs Table episode and had a change of heart.  So we booked our reservation and a month later there we were..





Luckily the menu had changed in the time that we had booked to when we had arrived.


We sat down and were given ‘cheese lollipops’ and the most beautifully shaped geometric bread.


This was our ‘welcome gift.’

Mussel with a cucumber gel

Another ‘welcome gift’

Caviar with an anchovy foam

First course.

Marble trout, bay leaf and chestnuts

Second course

Scallop, white radish, emulsion of pumpkin oil & tangerines

For the third course, the chef, Ana, came over and presented it to us. This was the course I was most worried about.

Deer heart tartar
It was incredible!


Fourth course

Mackarel with tomato, cinnamon and caramelized onion, garnished with gold foil

Fifth course

Lovage ravioli with mushrooms and cave cheese

Sixth course

Sea bream, grey mullet, clams, purslane and cucumber foam

Seventh course

Spiced duck with kumquat, beetroot, squash puree with a plum vinegar sauce

Eighth course- dessert!

Wild raspberries, goat cheese, burr noisette

Ninth course

Although sadly its blurry.. walnut meringue, pear with forest honey and pollen ice cream

‘Parting gift’

Delicious mix of cookies!

We then asked for the cheese tasting… one for each of us. This was a mistake.

This was all mine! Needless to say I didn’t finish it..

Keep in mind that all this food was paired with wine. With every two courses we got a glass of wine. However, we learned that if you finish your glass, they give you more. We consumed a lot of wine- all delicious.

I never thought I’d leave this meal loving what I ate. I first looked at it like “okay, just get through it.” That was not the case at all.

My favorite was the duck. The ravioli came in close second with the deer heart tartar in third.

It was a truly incredible experience with excellent company! If you have the opportunity to go to Hisa Franko, I highly recommend it!


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