Best of South East Asia: #2 – Elephant Nature Park

When we were planning our South East Asian adventure we knew that we wanted to spend some time with elephants. After a couple conversations we decided to do the right thing and choose a spot that treats the elephants with the respect they deserve.

We found the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. ENP is a rescue and rehabilitation center for elephants that you can volunteer and visit. We decided on the ‘care for elephants’ single day visit.

Carrie and I were unbelievably excited. We arrived and immediately got to feed the elephants.


This was a bit terrifying but pretty amazing. After that we took a little walk with the elephants through the forest.


The elephants are absolutely massive.

Pure joy.


We stopped for a snack break. We fed the elephants cucumbers, watermelon and sugar cane.

This elephant let you feed it directly into its mouth.  The elephants tongue touched my hand. It was weird and incredible.

After we ate lunch it was time for us to get in the river and bathe the elephants.

Now, let me tell you.. immediately before we got into the river the elephants got in.. and took a nice poo.

I was barefoot. I wasn’t thrilled to walk into this crap colored river with a squishy bottom after seeing that. Obviously I did it because.. hello, I’m not an idiot.



Yes, Carrie and I make some wonderful faces.


We’re standing on poo. 


I never thought I’d be so happy to walk in a crap river, touch an elephants tongue and get farted in the face by an elephant. It was a pretty incredible day. A day that will truly go down as one of the best days ever. Thank you, Elephant Nature Park.



And yes.. we went home and scrubbed our feet and bodies for way too long.


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