Yoga Oasis

When I was planning my summer I knew I wanted to end it on a really relaxing note. So I decided to head back to one of my favorite spots- Casa de Carrasco.


Casa de Carrasco is a yoga retreat in the Serra de Cardo mountains of Spain.  It is about a 2 hour train ride from Barcelona.


I chose to stay in a pop-up tent, like I did the first time I went there. It is the closest thing I’ve ever done to camping. And by that I mean I slept in a tent under the stars. There is a mattress and I have a bathroom and a shower with hot water.. that’s about the extent of my camping!

img_2280Everyday you are woken up by an amazing bell for your daily yoga class.


The yoga class is led by the owner, Sarah, on the yoga deck. It is a beautiful setting and so nice to have the sun on your face as you do sun salutations.

If you are lucky enough- you may get an animal friend to join you during your practice!

One of the best parts of the day is breakfast.

Porridge with muesli, yogurt, banana and honey. yum.

After breakfast the day is yours! Last time I visited I did a lot of their activities- paella workshop, wine tasting, ayurveda workshop and a kayaking trip. This time I decided to just relax.

I usually spent time in one of the many hammocks around the property. I was either reading or dozing in and out of naps in the sun.


I also lounged by the pool.

I spent two days at the beach.

I went for some hikes.


I hung out with animals- Dudley, Munch and Stella. (and the most adorable dog Ruby- who I failed to get a picture of!)

I met some awesome people. The owners- Sarah and Martin- are such welcoming, wonderful people. The volunteers (both visits) were amazing. The other guests there were pretty great as well.


And obviously…I did some yoga.


I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Casa de Carrasco!



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